Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Posing Nude Becomes a Film Industry Trend

In today's world every second model and actress is posing nude for getting spot light .

Is it right ?

Nude photo shoots started from Hollywood and now become the need for every successful blockbuster career.Recently Hollywood superstar Rihana post her nude pic on her twitter . We all remember when Poonam Pandey removed her cloth for celebrating victory of SRK . On the other hand Sherlyn Chopra posed nude on her birthday for getting fame . After hearing all these sensational stories hundreds of questions comes in my mind like :

Where the hell is our culture ?
What is the use of this much Independance ?
What is the effect of these nude photography on our coming generation ?
Isn't is vulgarity ?
Why Govt is so silent on this ? Are they enjoying too ?

Whats special in these nude pics ?

Poonam Panday nude , poonam panday hot pics

Sherlyn Chopra Nude Pics

Rihana Nude Pic on Twitter

Readers please left your comments about same...

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