Sunday, August 5, 2012

Priyanka Chopra's First Tattoo : Daddy's Lil Girl

After convincing much to her mother, Bollywood actoress Priyanka Chopra finally gets a tattoo she had been planning for long. As the actress is very close to her dad Dr Ashok Chopra, the piece of art is dedicated to him. Reportedly, he has not been well for some time.

Priyanka, who made a return from Malibu, Los Angeles after shooting her first music album was spotted on Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. She looked stunning in her strapless, full length jump suit and a new hairdo. The tattoo on her right wrist read, "Daddy's lil girl".

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Apparently, Ms Chopra was running her fingers through her hair just to make sure that her tattoo was visible.

A source said, "Priyanka went to Malibu to shoot a video for her music album and got inked there. She is not willing to talk about the tattoo right now but she is happy to get it done." People were curious to know whether the ink was temporary or permanent. But Priyanka choose not to unveil the mystery.

"Priyanka had been planning to get a tattoo for a real long time now. And she thought that this tattoo conveys her emotions perfectly. It's really special to her as she's extremely close to her father," the source added.

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