Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amar Singh: 'Not a she? it's a he !'

Bipasha Basu can now beam and relax. Confirmation asserting it "is not Bipasha Basu," has come from quarters that is likely to set the controversy at rest. And Bipasha can rest assured that the slander will be slashed away… since the entity in question happens to be… Amar Singh.

Politico Amar Singh, has gone on record stating that he's "heard the tape", asserting that the voice in question does not belong to the Bengali bomb belle. Offering his unconditional apology to "fellow Bengali" Bipasha, Singh puts down his association with Omkara as being the chief reason for Basu being dragged into the ugly "sex tape" muck.

What's better, Singh accepts that he did "say those lines in the sex tape"… however, the big twist in the tale is that he declares that he would "not speak to a lady like that." Moreover, Singh insists that he's reeled off those lines "to a naughty male friend of mine."

Amar Singh, states in a tabloid quote that the said remarks were a part of some "bitchy men to men talk," and that the individual concerned is "also a celebrity." Insisting that he's not ashamed or "embarrassed to accept" that it's his voice… Singh told an eager media that "it's a he and not a she!"

Journos, probably, are chewing on that one…

Source : Amar Singh: 'Not a she? it's a he !'

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